What is Nation Undead?

Nation Undead to Transform Web Based Filmmaking

(one user created film at a time)

Nation Undead in 30 Seconds

Step 1:

Register an account on Nation Undead.

Step 2:

Explore the website, learn about the story, and connect with other users.

Step 3:

Film your submission using our filmmaker resources.

Step 4:

Upload your film to the website. Our favorites will be selected to be included in the episodes we’ll be editing and releasing.

Nation Undead Press Release

Minneapolis, MN — July, 7 2008

The Producing House, Brightline Interactive, Token Media, Patrick Pierson, and Frame Six-Sixteen present Nation Undead. This new interactive website establishes the story of a plague that spreads throughout the country causing fear, panic, the undead, and eventually a total breakdown of society. The story will be told from the unique perspective of stringing together 3-5 minute submissions from filmmakers from all over the country.

The content will be created and released only on nationundead.com, in a nine episode arc.

Director Patrick Pierson has divided the United States into nine distinct zones for the purposes of narrative cohesion. Each zone is comprised of four to six states. The different zones have specific instructions regarding the stories that could be told in that zone. By using nationundead.com, filmmakers will have access to specific zone instructions and will be supplied downloads that can be used in their submission pieces (mp3s, posters, information on the zombies, video props) that will keep the story cohesive. Filmmakers will also be able to use our filmmaker’s community to discuss and rate each others’ work.

The website itself features the illustrations of Jon Dege, photographs by Tom Kanthank of Reaction Studios, and design by Frame Six-Sixteen, Brightline Interactive, and RC Johnson.

The producing partners are comprised of The Producing House, Brightline Interactive, Token Media, Patrick Pierson, and Frame Six-Sixteen bring a wealth of experience in their respective fields to this project. The team has come together to cover all areas of production and quality in filmmaking, media production, interactive web design, and management.