You Really Can Afford to Buy Organic Fruits in Singapore

People should understand about organic plants grown for food. Fruits and vegetables that are organic are not necessarily higher in nutrient content. The main reason for choosing organically grown fruits and vegetables is the means by which pests are controlled on the plants as they grow. Fertilization matters too. Organically grown is supposed to be no pesticides that are synthetic chemicals. The evidence is growing that continued exposure to different chemicals is a potential for harm in at least some people. So choosing organic fruits in Singapore over ones that are grown using other methods may lead to better health.

An organic banana versus one treated with pesticides and grown in soils that had synthetic fertilizers applied may have the same calorie count, same amount of good minerals such as potassium and may taste the same. However, on a molecular level, there can be differences. What would be looked for is trace amounts of residual pesticide and byproducts of those pesticides as they break down that are different from what is found in an organically grown equivalent. I don’t know about you, but I am not interested in even ingesting the so-called “trace amounts” of any of those synthetic pesticides and fertilizers. This is why my choice is to go for the organic fruits in Singapore.

Consumers say that cost is a factor. I would reason that if people bought fresh fruits and vegetables only in the quantities they could consume before they went bad that they would save enough money to buy organic. Think about it. How many bananas, apples, potatoes and other things have you had to throw out over the years because they went bad before you could eat them all? How many just this last week? That is throwing money away. Buying smartly includes planning a menu that will include buying a set amount of fresh things. That way you can buy organic without increasing your food budget.


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