We Need Help with Web Marketing

We are trying to figure out how to fix the search engine rankings for our web page at work. It is not something that any of the people at the office really understand, so we have started to research on who can do the job for us. That is not any easier to figure out really. For example I found this guy who calls himself Ewen Chia and he has a lot of big claims. In fact he promises that you can make millions if you do what he says for you to do, but obviously I am not really taking his claims at face value. It would be better for me if the guy gave me some references. I would like to have a discussion with some of the people who have actually made millions because of his expertise. These people would probably be delighted to tell me all about their experience working with him. It seems as though they would be ecstatic to sing his praises, assuming that they are not too busy laying on a white sand beach in the tropics. It is obvious to us that our current search rankings are a real problem for us. People are looking to buy our products, but they would have to dig through about six or seven pages of search results to get to our page. No one is going to do that. It is not going to happen and you really have to have your web page listed a lot higher. Obviously the goal would be to be on the top of the first page of the search results. That is not going to be very easy, but you want to come as close to that as is possible. You really can not expect good results otherwise. You just have to figure it out.


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