Two Companies Merging into One

A Chicago business litigation lawyer helped me and another company manage a merger that was happening. The two companies have been in the software business for 10 years, but times have been troubling for both of us. Rather than watching both of our companies die out, we decided to come together as one. None of our employees would be laid off, and the other owner and I would both have an equal share in the company. With a combined talent pool and workforce, the company should be able to continue making great software while being at the forefront of the technology industry.

The idea for a merger came from me. I was struggling to think of an idea that would save my business. Evey new product I could think of was too risky at the moment to put money behind and send to market. After a lot of brainstorming, I looked to our long time rival and competitor. They share many of the same customer demographics as us, and had been going through the same problems as us. If there was anyone who could help our company, is was them.

I phoned the owner of our rival and set up a meeting with him. I told him about my plan and he thought it was an interesting idea that might work. We discussed some of the details further and got our lawyers involved. Now that the companies have become one, we have a new logo, slogan, and ads. We plan to roll out a new product in a couple of months. The details of this product are a secret for now, but I can say that it’s something that hasn’t been done before, and if ti is successful, it will change the industry for the better. Other companies will be scurrying to copy what we’re doing.


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