They Sanded Our Floors and Bought Us New Furniture to Use Our House in a Film

... | Gumtree Australia Brisbane South East - Morningside | 1025718221A professional film company approached me about using our house for a scene in their movie. They told me that they would like to look at the inside of the house to see if it would work. I told my wife and the children, and they were excited to have our home in a major motion picture. However, the director told me that they would like to renovate some things first, and that they would pay for everything. The director told me that the scene was to include a low shot close to the floor, so a brisbane floor sanding company was brought in to redo all of the floors on the first floor of our house.

They pulled up some carpeting and tile and sanded the boards underneath smooth as glass. Then they put down new stain before sealing with several top coats of a high gloss polyurethane. It made our house look incredible.


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