Storing My Mom’s Possessions Temporarily

When my mom decided to move in with my sister, she told me that it might be a temporary move. She loves my sister, but she wasn’t sure if she could really give up every bit of her independence. I suggested that she put her furniture in storage at Store Friendly in Singapore since it might not be a permanent move. She agreed with me, because it would be awful if she found she wanted to live on her own and had to buy brand new furniture for where ever she moved to.

Neither one of us had ever used Store Friendly before, but they are an extremely reputable company that has locations throughout the city. There is one that is only a few blocks from my sister’s condo, and we decided to go there and talk to them. The staff there was extremely friendly and helpful, and one of them even gave my mom a quick tour of the storage facility. She had explained to the worker that she was worried about putting some of the more valuable furniture in storage, and the customer service rep was able to alleviate my mother’s concerns with the tour.

It was evident that they take very good care of their facility, and we knew that it was the right move for her. We were able to get a unit that was the perfect size for her, and they even stayed a bit late on the day that we were moving her furniture and other things into the unit. That was a few months ago, and my mom told me the other day that she is really enjoying living with my sister. I don’t know what she is going to do with the things in storage, but she doesn’t need to know right now. The prices are low enough there that she has all the time in the world to figure out what to do with it.


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