Started Working on the Playhouse

I am not really sure how it is going to look when I get done, but I have started working on a play house for the boys. Ned and Kelly wanted a tree house, but their Mother vetoed that idea. So I started out with a kit. It comes with everything you need to build a storage building, which obviously would not make that good of a play house. I will have to put in more windows and some shutters I suppose. That is not that difficult. I will just make the building according the plans and then after I finish I will cut out the places for two windows on each side of the thing and build a frame. Of course I will have to wire it up and insulate it just as much as though it were a real house. I will have to put some sort of air conditioning unit in it and probably a heater, but one that is safe for two kids to use.

I am thinking about whether or not I want to try to build a tower into the place. In theory it it not that big of a deal. It would just be like a crow’s nest on top of the place. It is not so big of a deal unless you do it incorrectly. Then some one gets hurt and that is either one of my kids or one of their little friends. I am thinking that the safe thing would be to skip the idea, but the boy have drawn up the place the way they want it. This would be pretty mild compared to some of their ideas. Of course they want to be some rich guy’s kid, because it would cost a small fortune to build what they want.


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