Saving Money the Better Way

Recently, I was lucky enough to buy a home! I know a few of you readers who have been keeping track of this blog know that is something which I’ve been really looking forward to and I can proudly say that it has finally happened. I should have known that once I dropped the money on the house that it was only going to be the beginning of what I had to spend! Just last week I began my search for Roanoke VA home insurance – who knew that home insurance could end up being so expensive for a first time home owner?

It makes me glad that I went out of my way to avoid getting a mortgage. I know from first hand experience that a mortgage is not the way to get a home. Growing up with parents who were burdened by their mortgage more than any other bill, and even more so when my dad lost his job forcing them to sell the home, it’s clear that getting into a mortgage a person assumes they will have a stable life. How can we predict what is going to happen to us? Anything could happen at any time, whether it’s losing our job or being hurt, that could cause us financial stress.

I rather be assured that my home is paid for. I don’t ever want to risk of having it taken away from me because of unforeseeable events. That would be the worst of the worst in my mind – I can’t believe people want to go out of their way with a mortgage just to get a home ‘faster’. It might have taken me a few extra years of saving money but once I’ve set my mind on something, I know for a fact I’ll accomplish it.


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