Saving Money on Major Appliances by Choosing to Repair Rather Than Replace

Our refrigerator was warm in one spot. We noticed that the food was not as cold as in other parts of the refrigerator. It was a drawer inside the main refrigerator. I thought we might be imagining it, so I took a reading with a thermometer. It was warmer than the rest of the fridge. The drawer did not have a setting to adjust the temperature. I found an appliance repair website at I called to have someone come out and look at our fridge. It was out of warranty.

We paid a lot of money for this big refrigerator. We could not afford to buy a new one at the moment. The appliance repair technician found the problem right away. An air circulation fan that pushed cold air into the drawer had stopped working. It was a common problem for this model and he had a replacement on the truck. It only took him a few minutes to replace the fan. The biggest job was unloading the refrigerator to get at it.

We had stuff on the stove, countertops, table and even the floor. I had no idea that refrigerator held so much. I asked him to take a look at any other things that might be a problem while he had it apart. He said that the only other problem was an O-ring that seals where you put in the new water filter for the ice machine and cold water spigot on the door. The O-ring was bad, but it only cost a couple of bucks to replace.

Buying major appliances nowadays is like buying a car. Some of them can be very expensive. We paid a lot of money for this model of refrigerator, and it was worth repairing instead of replacing it. Even bargain models are often worth repairing instead of replacing as long as they are energy efficient.


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