My Garage Was Holding My Car Hostage

I am a single woman living on my own. There are quite a few things I can take care of my own, but fixing a faulty garage door is definitely not on that list. I knew that something was wrong when I tried to open the door with my remote control a few days ago. I could hear the motor going, but the door was not going up. The garage decided to hold my car hostage, and I had no choice but to call off work. After looking online, I found GL Garage Door Services, a local company that handles any kind of repair on garage doors.

I was hoping they would be able to send someone out sooner rather than later because I was not going to endear myself to my boss if I had to take another day or two off to get my car out of the garage. I chose GL Garage Door Services because of their website. I liked how they explained different issues on there, and I was also able to read some testimonials of other people in the area who have had to use their services.

When I contacted them and explained my issue, they were able to send someone out that same day. I was hoping that it would not cost me an arm and a leg either, so I was happy when the tech told me that it was an easy and inexpensive fix. He had to replace one of the rollers, which was why the door was not opening for me. It took him just a little over an hour to get it fixed, and I was actually able to go into work for half a day. The garage repair company really came through for me in a big way, and I will not hesitate to use them again if I should have the need in the future.


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