I Switched to a New Backup Service

I was not happy with the company that was handling the backup of my data. It is not that they were mishandling anything, but I just felt that their customer service left a lot to be desired. Even with everything else being good, I still wanted to find another Windows server backup service, because customer service is a top priority to me. I asked for some recommendations from some business associates since I knew they used backup services too, and several mentioned R1SoftStorage. I went to their website and was impressed with what I saw just at first glance.

I looked further in depth, and I knew that i had found the company that was going to become my new data storage provider. They offer even more services than my other provider offered, which was an unexpected bonus. Some of the things that I get with them now that I am a customer is disk safe verification, encryption, quick restore, and backups that can be done either onsite, off-site, or both. I have never lost any large amounts of data before, but I was still thankful that I would be able to do a quick restore should that ever happen.

I was sold on the idea after looking over everything that they offer, and it was a very easy process to get signed up for their services. I am not locked into any kind of contract, and the payment method is very easy. I also liked that they offered me a trial period so I could try the service out before committing to at least one month. I didn’t even need the full seven days before knowing that they were the company I wanted to use. The best part is their customer service is top notch, so I won’t be going anywhere!


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