I Do Not Know What I Would Do Without My Frondosa City Maid

I learned about fc maid agency through a friend. She was frazzled with a new baby and extra hours at her job. Her husband was forced to spend the next six months on a job site halfway around the world if he wanted to keep his high salary position. He did not want to go but had to. This left her home alone to care for a toddler and a newborn. Her mother was helping as much as she could, but she had to work too. She said that the Frondosa City Maid service really made a difference in her keeping up with work at their house as well as her sanity.

I had tried a maid service before when my job got hectic, but it was a supreme disappointment. My friend assured me that these maids were different. They did not just hire anyone who wanted to work in the maid service industry. No, they had a rigid selection process that produced high quality maids who do a great job. My former experience with another maid agency was a nightmare. I had to clean up after her! I had food crumbs on my sofa where she used to sit and watch television while I was at work and she was supposed to be working!

I am now more than impressed with the maid this agency in Frondosa City sent out to our home. She is a very hard worker who is exceptionally intelligent, polite, friendly and trustworthy. I get along with her perfectly. I thought I would have to have a bunch of rigid instructions to give to her to get her to perform the work to my expectations. I am almost ashamed to admit it, but she does a better job than I do at keeping our home clean and functioning. At this point, I do not know what I would do without her.


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