An Adventure Found in Singapore

Education. It’s a necessity which has been pounded into me for years. For twelve years in the United States, education is your life. That’s only if you plan on not taking your education further which I felt pressured in doing. For my parents part, it’s no doubt the better choice that I do so but since it was my decision to make I decided that Singapore would be where I finished off my bachelors. With everything that I carried with me on the move over, I wasn’t surprised I had to find storage in Singapore before I could even move into my apartment.

It has been an adventure since I arrived here. I was concerned that I would not be able to ‘make it’, as my mother said. She thought I would waste away to nothing, starving in what she perceived to be some first world country without even toiletries. My father seemed to understand why I wanted to move here – he was young once and no doubt had the same unfulfilled feelings brimming within him, too. At least I hope he did. Sometimes I feel like they are going to make me go crazy if I’m not able to fulfill them.

Being here has definitely done that. Every day is a new challenge; trying to find a grocery my first day here was an experience like no other that I’ve had before. You might think I’m being absurd but when you’re a foreigner in a country that works in a manner that is practically alien to you, you’d have trouble understanding the differences between the markets and the ‘grocery’ stores. I came home with more fish than I thought I could ever eat – it’s so cheap here and my visit to the fish market has inspired me to return every day.


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