Do Better Than the Cheapest You Can Find

My husband and I were talking about the people that were moving in across the street from us. I thought that there were a lot of people that were helping them move in. It turns out, we had a large family with teens moving in across the street. We saw that they were going to be a problem after the first weekend when they had three parties when the parents were gone. We went online and looked at a website where we had to click on a certain link so we would be able to see the different companies that were available to us in our area. I was shocked to see that there were so many people that were also looking for a security system in our area. I was told when I went to live chat with a customer service representative that our area was having some trouble with break ins, so they were giving everyone a good deal.

After I heard the representative tell me all the crime statistics in my area, I asked her to cite the source of what she reading. She told me the local police. I heard that the local police would be able to help me with all of the stats if I did not believe the ones she was saying. The stats sounded like they were made up and I had a hard time believing what she was saying. Before I knew it, I had the same things she was telling me up on my computer screen after I saw that it was posted by the local police department. I am really happy that I was able to talk to someone that was knowledgeable and that made all the difference for me as I knew that was the company I wanted to work with.