We Went to the Car Show

It was a pretty good day, we went out to the car show and we saw a lot of really cool cars. The most expensive one was undoubtedly the 2016 McLaren P1. It was a real surprise that they had one, this one was already sold and the person who was there was in charge of delivering it to some billionaire I suppose. The buyer had agreed to let them show it, but there was not much point to that. These cars are apparently all sold years in advance, long before they are ever built. Of course no normal person can afford one of these things and a lot of them are purchased simply as investments. These cars cost around a million bucks I think and there are a very limited number of them built. Continue reading


This Worked for Me Much Quicker Than Expensive Software

I have been running a really small business for about 5 months. I started out with a small budget and I have been growing little by little. I ended up hiring two people to help me out. I sell thrift shop items online through an auction site. When my employees told me they needed real check stubs I was a little worried about how I could go about doing that. Just as I mentioned previously, I am not making a lot of profit yet. I really worried it would cost me big money.

First, I started looking around at some very popular shopping sites to see what kind of software is available for me to use. Continue reading


Moving to Downtown Apartments in Asheville with Our Doggy


We had to move, but we needed to find a new place that would let us bring our dog. There are more places now that are pet-friendly, but not every apartment complex is. We found some downtown Asheville apartments that are nestled in among trees that are okay with us bringing our dog. Like the other places that let you bring a pet, they just have you pay a security deposit on your pet and a rental fee for them to live in your apartment with you. Years ago landlords did not allow pets because of bad owners who left a mess behind when they moved. It is getting better now that many pet owners treat their pets like kids. We even have medical insurance on our dog.

Our dog is not messy. I think I shed more than she does. We are very clean about her too. She goes to the groomers more often than my wife goes to the hair salon. Continue reading