Radio Available Through the Phone

I think I’m one of the few people that still bothers to plug in the radio in my home. Most people don’t bother having a dedicated home radio to listen to anything. They either listen to the radio in their car, or just don’t bother, and only listen to songs from their mobile devices. The mobile landscape has changed everything, and it gave me an idea. I got in touch with a mobile apps developer in Singapore to help me bring my idea into the real world. My idea was to take the local radio stations that people weren’t listening to for whatever reason, and put them on the phone.

Once the radio stations are accessible from the phone, people will be able to hear them again without the need for a dedicated device. Continue reading


We Need Help with Web Marketing

We are trying to figure out how to fix the search engine rankings for our web page at work. It is not something that any of the people at the office really understand, so we have started to research on who can do the job for us. That is not any easier to figure out really. For example I found this guy who calls himself Ewen Chia and he has a lot of big claims. In fact he promises that you can make millions if you do what he says for you to do, but obviously I am not really taking his claims at face value. It would be better for me if the guy gave me some references. Continue reading