I Am in the Process of Starting a Business

For many years, I made all sorts of snack items for my family. I did it as a hobby because I found it fun to do. And my family members loved getting the chance to taste test everything that I made before friends got to try out the things that I made. Just about everyone loved the beef jerky that I made, and I could not seem to make enough for everyone. That is when I decided to look into some vacuum packaging equipment so that I could make large batches, and then I could make them more shelf stable. This would mean that I would always have some on hand when anyone asked if I had any.

I ended up finding out that there are even some interesting forums where other people, who love making jerky as much as I do, hang out and swap recipes. It has been a lot of fun getting to know all the other members that are in one of them I joined. I decided to try out some of the more interesting recipes that I have come across there. I have really enjoyed tasting things that so many other people have come up with.

When I felt comfortable enough to do so, I began sharing my own tried and true tips and recipes as well. I have received a lot of praise for them, and many people have said that they are surprised that I have come up with something so tasty without having any professional training.

My family has been urging me to start selling what I make. They feel that I would have a lot of customers, and that the taste that I offer is unique and delicious enough to make it in the marketplace. I have been looking to rent a commercial kitchen, get my food handling license and buy all the equipment I need so that I can do it.


My Garage Was Holding My Car Hostage

I am a single woman living on my own. There are quite a few things I can take care of my own, but fixing a faulty garage door is definitely not on that list. I knew that something was wrong when I tried to open the door with my remote control a few days ago. I could hear the motor going, but the door was not going up. The garage decided to hold my car hostage, and I had no choice but to call off work. After looking online, I found GL Garage Door Services, a local company that handles any kind of repair on garage doors. Continue reading