Started Working on the Playhouse

I am not really sure how it is going to look when I get done, but I have started working on a play house for the boys. Ned and Kelly wanted a tree house, but their Mother vetoed that idea. So I started out with a kit. It comes with everything you need to build a storage building, which obviously would not make that good of a play house. I will have to put in more windows and some shutters I suppose. That is not that difficult. Continue reading


Great Flower Delivery Services in Singapore

My mother has moved back to Singapore, because she prefers living there, as it is the place of her birth. I miss her, because since she has moved back, I do not get to see her very often. However, he birthday is coming up soon, and I would like to do something nice for her. I went to click here on a site for flower delivery in Singapore,and I have been looking through the different arrangements of flowers that they have available on this website.

I want to get her something that is rather vibrant, and hopefully it will feature flowers that are of her favorite color. Continue reading


Saving Money the Better Way

Recently, I was lucky enough to buy a home! I know a few of you readers who have been keeping track of this blog know that is something which I’ve been really looking forward to and I can proudly say that it has finally happened. I should have known that once I dropped the money on the house that it was only going to be the beginning of what I had to spend! Just last week I began my search for Roanoke VA home insurance – who knew that home insurance could end up being so expensive for a first time home owner?

It makes me glad that I went out of my way to avoid getting a mortgage. I know from first hand experience that a mortgage is not the way to get a home. Continue reading