I Now Work with My Husband Every Day

The University of Chester offers 130 combination coursesMy husband has owned his own business even before we met and got married. I had been working as a teacher at the time, but I became more interested in his business as I learned more about it. He wanted me to join him in in full time, but I did not feel comfortable without having any kind of business training. I didn’t want to have to disturb him with decisions I had to make, but I also did not want to miss this opportunity. He told me I could get part time degree while I was still teaching, or I could quit and join him and earn my degree at the same time.

I was becoming disillusioned with teaching, so I decided to join him as I earned a degree.


An Adventure Found in Singapore

Education. It’s a necessity which has been pounded into me for years. For twelve years in the United States, education is your life. That’s only if you plan on not taking your education further which I felt pressured in doing. For my parents part, it’s no doubt the better choice that I do so but since it was my decision to make I decided that Singapore would be where I finished off my bachelors. With everything that I carried with me on the move over, I wasn’t surprised I had to find storage in Singapore before I could even move into my apartment.

It has been an adventure since I arrived here. I was concerned that I would not be able to ‘make it’, as my mother said. She thought I would waste away to nothing, starving in what she perceived to be some first world country without even toiletries. Continue reading